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Q - How thick is the steel?

A - The steel on Skyline Reinforcers is 10 gauge galvinized steel, which is .140 thick, and actually the heaviest Reinforcer made (over 1/8" thick!) .

Q - What are Joist Reinforcers?

A - Skyline Joist Reinforcers are light gauge steel mending plates that can be attached to structural members to add additional strength and load bearing capability due to holes, notches, or cracks, often for the passage of plumbing, electrical, or other utilities.

Q - I don't see a that you have a product for my application. Can you design a reinforcer for my situation?

A - It's very likely that we can. We have provided many custom Reinforcer solutions over the years. Give us a call to discuss your application. Call 540-589-9669.

Q - What comes with your Joist Reinforcers?

A - The Reinforcer itself, which usually consists of two or three components, and all the fasteners, instructions, and a 3/16" drill bit for pilot holes, as we as a Torx T25 driver. Pretty much everything you need to do the installation. Construction adhesive isn't necessary, but generally improved the strength.

Q - Can I put more than one Joist Reinforcer on a Joist?

A - Generally it is not recommended but depending on the application it may be possible. You can put Joist Reinforcers on multiple Joists. This gives you the possibility of running electrical and plumbing through a series of Joists, as needed.

Q - Can you help me fix this? The plumber cut two large holes in two joists. The inspector is telling me I need to replace the joists. The holes in the 2 x 10's are nearly 6" around and the plumbing is already run. Do you have a product that will solve the problem so I don't have to replace the joist and have the plumber come back and reroute the pipe?

A - It sounds like a standard 2x10 HR will solve this. The standard 2x10 HR will work for 2x10's and 2x12's for holes up to 6" in diameter. If this works for you we can send them out the same day, and you could have them as early as tomorrow if you don't mind paying for expedited shipping. If regular UPS ground is fast enough you would probably still have them within three days.

Q - Are you saying I can run plumbing pipes through joists instead of under?

A - Exactly!