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The Bottom Line on Joist Reinforcement

So when it comes to Joist Repair and Reinforcement, whether the issue is massively overcut plumbing, electrical holes or notches, or if you just want to route electrical and plumbing through the joists to keep it up and out of the way, we're the leading experts. Our patented Joist Reinforcers are just the ticket when it comes to running utilities through wood joists while maintaining code compliance.


"Those joist reinforcers worked fantastic! I was able to achieve my remodel as intended and it's already closed up and finished. I will definitely refer local contractor's in my area. Thank you for your help". - Terry Evinger, Bothel, WA

Terry Evinger, Bothel, WA

"The joist reinforcers worked great! As you said, they are very heavy, very solid, and were perfect for our problem-4 inch holes in our 10"  (measured 9 1/4") joists. I've attached before and after pictures (think you said you would like to see them).  We feel much better about the floor after installation of the reinforcers. We showed them to the plumbers; they had never seen them before, and were very interested.  It's a great product!!!!"

Elinor - Pawleys Island, SC

"I have to admit my fingers were crossed when the inspector went downstairs to look at the joists, which he wouldn't approve the holes on the last time he came out. Like you said, I handed him the Intertech Report. He studied it for about a minute, smiled and said that works. He signed off with no issues. Well, at least not on the joist holes. Do you have any miracle products that can get me get one more inch of stairway head clearance? Just kidding, it's all signed off now!"

Steve Caraway, Chicago, IL