Joist Reinforcers now available in UK and France

However it got there, if you've got a hole in a Floor Joist, it can be a problem that can be annoying and expensive. Depending on how serious the issue, In some cases you may have to hire an engineer and builder to come up with a solution, and it may result in needing to replace floor joists. So, it's no surprise that when people with this issue find out about our Joist Reinforcers, they are very happy and relieved, you need a Joist Reinforcer. Last week a person claimed that they save $20,000 by installing six Joist Reinforcers, instead of having to hire an engineer and a builder, to replace damaged Joists. We love to hear the stories and we're glad to help.

Joist Reinforcers have been available in the United States for twenty years. We recently began shipping to Canada, and that has worked out well. So we've decided to begin shipping to UK and France. Sure, shipping is going to be more expensive. But in most cases, it's easier worth it to be able to restore the structural integrity of Floor Joists that have been compromised by holes and notches.

- Dan