Before and After Photos from SC

Elinor called a few weeks ago about the situation you see in the before photo. As I understand it, there was no problem with inspection, rather, she just wanted to be sure that the joists were not compromised beyond compliance, which they were. Thank you Elinor for calling, for the wonderful testimonial, and the before and after photos. Great job!

"Dan, The Joist reinforcers worked great! As you said, they are very heavy, very solid, and were perfect for our problem - 4 inch holes in our 10" (measured 9 1/4") joists. I've attached before and after pictures (I think you said you would like to see them).  We feel much better about the floor after installation of the your brackets. We showed them to the plumbers; they had never seen them before, and were very interested.  It's a great product!!!!" - Elinor, Pawleys Island, SC.