Joist Reinforcer Applications

Definition, Origin and Applications

Joist Reinforcement Brackets, or Joist Reinforcers are sometimes referred to as Joist Brackets, Joist Repair Straps, or Joist Mending Plates. Whatever you call them, the objective is to restore the load bearing capability of the Joist that has been cut, not, had a hole bored in it. Code compliance and safety is the bottom line. Joist Reinforcement Brackets were invented and patented by Robert Callahan, CEO of the Metwood, Corporation, located in Boones Mill, Virginia in 2001.

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One of the most common questions asked is what building codes allow as far as holes and notch cuts. The following is an overview of what IRC Code allows as far as holes and notches in floor joists. Whether you're a professional or a do-it-yourselfer, if you haven't used Joist Reinforcers before, then you may have some questions.

The 2810HR (shown here on a 2x12) Joist Reinforcer can be used on 2" x 12" Wood Joists to reinforce holes up to 6" diameter. The 2810HR consists of a set of two 14 gauge steel plates or straps, designed to bring the joists, even with very large holes, back into code compliance.

Skyline-joist-hole-reinforcer-plate-on-2x10Installing the  2810HR on a 2" x 10 Joists will allow a hole up to 6" diameter (shown here). The installation is the same, aligning the bottom of the Reinforcer with the bottom of the Joist. Since the 2810HR is made of two light gauge steel plates, if you have a hole drilled a pipe or other utility routed through the hole, you can still install the Reinforcer. Just put one plate over and around the top of the pipe, and the bottom on the underside. Super easy.
Used on a 2" x 8" Wood Joist a 4" hole can be placed in the joist.

Skyline-joist-hole-reinforcer-bracket-on-2x8You can install a 2810HR on a 2" x 8" and bring the Joist back into compliance with a hole as large as 4" diameter. Installation is the same as on a 2x12 or 2x10, except on a 2x8 the two plates overlap approximately two inches. All the holes are re-drilled and should align perfectly.


Skyline-Joist-hole-reinforcer-plate-on-2x6The two separate plates that make up the 2810HR can be used in many different ways. For instance, although 2x6's are to small to be used for Floor Joists, but you will occasionally find them in older homes. The 2810HR maybe an option in situations where you aren't confident that there is enough wood left to handle the load on a 2x6. Putting one plate on each side of a Joist or even a 2x6 stud (vertical) can help solve problems.